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You are about take a journey into the incredible world of essential oils, where good health, emotional balance and spiritual wellness await you... So much more than skincare and home fragrance, essential oils can make incredible impact on your life... you just need to know what, and what NOT, to do with them!

An Introduction To Essential Oils...

You read about them, people talk about their favourite ones, people plaster their social media about them, but is there more to essential oils than lovely smells and bathbombs? Are they "recruit a friend hogwash" or is there more?

Indeed there is! Having physiological, emotional and energetic actions on us, these powerful plant extracts have the power to make significant impact on our lives, and those that share our homes, or visit our speces, yet it is us that creates the outcome of whether that will be positive or negative, or whether it will do anything for us at all!

... and their safe and effective use

Navigating you through MLM myths and dangerous sales methods to provide firm foundations in natural health methods.


Learn what essential oils are and what they do in the body. Know what to do, and avoid doing, in order to use Essential Oils safely.


Meet some individual Essential Oil alies and learn when they are most appropriate and effective for your circumstances,


Understand the basics of blending. How to start planning a product and what to explore next to contiunue your learning journey.


7th February, 2024 7.00pm

Yes, it really is FREE!

It really is FREE! We want as many people as possible to hear the revolution campaign message of the safe and effective use of natural health products! With so much misinformation caused by out of date books in homes, and "work from home" sales companies failing to keep their reps accountable, we are now also facing a tidal wave of AI generated content online, much of it being sold on unchecked....

... the world needs a safer nature revolution!

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The voice of the revolutionaries...

I have attended 2 classes through Eventbrite and they are very informative. Victoria does an excellent job with several ways of teaching and is always open for questions and comments and is very knowledgeable about what she teaches. Definitely attend a class if you can!!

Brandy Schultheis

Zoom Class Attendee

I’ve taken three zoom classes with Victoria now (herbal infusions, aromatherapy and kitchen apothecary) - all of them informative and engaging. I’m looking forward to signing up to further dates. A good balance of basic info, some recipes/ideas to try, and then time for questions

Gina Clark

Zoom Class Attendee

The course has changed my mindset and I feel like my life has been changed by what I have been taught. I feel empowered and in control and am glad I started by learning about the safe and effective use... There's too many people out there selling things they don't understand. They dont realise the power they have in their hands to help or to harm!

Donna Coleman

6 week Intensive Student